Volunteer to be a La Scuola Welcome Family
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Volunteer to be a Welcome Family to New La Scuola Families!!



Admissions needs volunteers to be Welcome Families to new incoming families to La Scuola! 


What: A Welcome Family welcomes a new incoming family to La Scuola and the community and follows up with the family to ensure they are feeling connected and answer any questions they may have.


Who: Anyone that is willing to welcome and help make a new family feel like part of the La Scuola community. (Give a big warm welcome).


When: Assignments are made in April/May and sometimes over the summer or throughout the school year if new families enroll later.  We intend to have families matched ASAP so preliminary connections can be made and the new families invited to the Fiera!



  1. Each Welcome family will be notified via email of their new family assignments by their campus buddy ambassadors. 
  2. Following the notification email, Welcome family will be introduced to their matched new family(ies) by their campus buddy ambassadors.  
  3. Following this email introduction, welcome families will be asked to reach out to their matched new family(ies) via email to introduce themselves and family, as well as welcome them to La Scuola. An email template will be shared for ideas. Playdates in the summer and an offer to meet the first day of school and give them a tour, have a coffee or just share a smile are suggested. This is particularly helpful for PreK parents. Offer to help and or answer questions via email or by phone in the meantime.  
  4. Following any communications from the school over the summer, each welcome family will be prompted by their campus buddy ambassador to check-in with the new family. Email templates and ideas will always be given.
  5. The Welcome family committee in collaboration with Admissions and/or PALS may organize social gatherings which welcome families and new families will be invited to attend.

Thank you for volunteering. The commitment is not great but has great impact. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


Grazie mille!

Melissa for PALS




Be the Welcome Family Parent LEAD (help to assign new families to volunteer families, send email introducing the families to each other) Signed Up: 2 / 2

Be a Welcome Family to New La Scuola Familie(s) Signed Up: 45 / 60

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