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La Dolce Vita Event - March 30th, 2019!

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Tickets & Tables

  • Individual tickets - $250 for one guest
  • Couple - $500 for two guests seated together with a shared bid number
  • Table of 10 - $2,250 for 10 guests seated together. This option is a savings of $25 per guest over individual tickets. 

Sponsor a Teacher!

  • Sponsor a Teacher - $200 for one ticket
  • Sponsor a Teacher and their Guest - $400 for two tickets

**Funds raised through the sponsor-a-teacher and their guest option go to a shared pool to subsidize all of our teachers and their guests equally. Individual teachers can not be sponsored.



Count Me Ins:
Approach a local pizza or ice cream shop and ask if they'd be willing to host 10-12 kids and adults for a tour and meal, or to see how the food is made behind the scenes. Last year we had similar parties at Long Bridge Pizza and Gio Gelato.  La Scuola parents just walked in and asked!
Approach someone who know who's talented and ask them to do a workshop for kids or parents - pottery, cookie making, flower arranging, language lessons, wine tasting... a La Scuola parent just asked a friend of the school to give surfing lessons and he was thrilled.  You just have to be creative!
Small Business Donations:
Most local businesses are happy to donate a $50-$100 gift certificate to get more people in their shop.  Go to your local market, local dry cleaner, local wine shop and just ask!  Here's a good script:
"I'm trying to raise money for my child's school. We have an auction in March and it would be great if you could donate a gift certificate or some merchandise. The school population is local parents who will be excited to learn about your business. [If the business is global or Italian, emphasize that we are the West Coast's only Italian immersion school and we celebrate Italian and all global cultures.] Funds raised go to operating costs of the school and tuition assistance. Donations are of course tax deductible."
If you need an email template or donor receipt, reach out to LDV@lascuolasf.org
If you only have a few hours to give, you can help with setup on the day of the gala, or do some work from your laptop on your own time in the coming weeks. We have roles big and small. Keep an eye on Konstella!

Positions (3/3 filled)

Kate Delimitros - Event Chair Signed Up: 0 / 0

Cindy Cesca Yoshiyama - Head of Development Signed Up: 0 / 0

Jaimie VanPernis - Volunteer Lead Signed Up: 0 / 0