Book Fair Starts Tuesday, 10/12!
Sun, Oct 10 3:04pm

Welcome to our Book Fair!!! The students are so excited and can't wait to shop for their favorite books beginning Tuesday! The PTO has donated over 20 Books to our School Library for the benefit of each student!!!! This is such a fun week for all of our students! Don't forget to ask Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. to add to your child's E-Wallet so they can shop for their favorites!!! Can't wait to see all the smiley faces!!! 


If your child is interested in the New Book, "The Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Big Shot," you can pre-order the book on the attached form and return it to the school.


Lastly, we still could use some more volunteers for the Book Fair. Sign-up on Konstella and help promote a love of reading to the students of LTS!