PTO Gift Card Fundraiser
Mon, Dec 4 9:46am
Lafayette Township School

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase Gift Cards and earn money for LTS!! If you are looking for that perfect gift for your child's teacher, family member, or friend, look no further! We have Gift Cards of all denominations from $5, $10, $25, and more! Just fill out the attached order form and send it in by Friday, December 8th!




Just in time for all of your


How it works:

  1. Order gift cards from the attached list of participating retailers and earn a percentage back for our school!

  2. Do all of your usual shopping.

  3. Pay for your purchases with gift cards instead of cash, check, or credit cards.


You don’t have to buy anything extra, you don’t have to pay a penny more, and you can make your purchases whenever you like.


Choose from almost 200 retailers in a variety of categories!

(clothing stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, craft stores, restaurants, gas, hotels and more)


Gift cards come in a variety of denominations and can also make great gifts during the holidays. Some lodging and airline retailers are not listed, but are available upon request. If you don’t see something you are looking for, just ask!


RETURN by FRIDAY, December 8th

  • Complete the attached form and return to school, along with money or check payable to “Lafayette PTO”

  • Please place in an envelope marked “PTO GIFT CARDS”.

  • Gift cards will be returned home with your student