Tiger Chase Volunteers
Wed, Apr 17 7:14am
Lafayette Township School



WHO:  YOU--our volunteers!!

WHEN:  Saturday, May 18, 2019

WHERE:  Lafayette Twp School 




 We would love to have you help make the event amazing!!!

Without the volunteers, like yourself, the day wouldn't be what it is---FUN, EXCITING &  a HUGE SUCCESS!!!



Please sign up on 


On the left there is a VOLUNTEER tab--click it, chose where you would like to be stationed.  Continue to choosing your t-shirt size!!!  THIS MUST BE DONE BY APRIL 17th in order for you to receive a very cool T-shirt!!!  We appreciate our volunteers!!!  Sign up NOW---you will not get a tshirt if you sign up after the 17th of April!!!  We do need all volunteers to sign up online--this is for insurance purposes--all volunteers are covered under our insurance!!!  
AGAIN....THANK YOU THANK YOU in advance for all your time!!!  
Cannot wait for a great race day!!!


~~The Tiger Chase Committee!