Screaming Eagle - Lake Pointe PTO Newsletter: Mask pick up, Join the PTO and more. . .
Sat, Aug 29 11:29am

Already Joined the PTO?

Masks and/or hats will be available for pickup:

Wed. Sept 9th


Lake Pointe Clubhouse


Haven't joined yet? Consider supporting the Lake Pointe Elementary Parent Teacher Organization! 


School may feel a little different this year, but we still need your support to help Lake Pointe Elementary be the best place for our children to grow and learn. 


PTO memberships will help fund classroom and art supplies as we build individual kits for students to use in station activities in the classroom (including enough to package and send home to remote learners) and for individual student supplies for art that were not included in school supplies (clay, oil pastels, paint brushes). We have no way to clean these items (paint brushes yes) without eliminating them from student learning (and they looove them!).

Other things we may need that membership can help for increased social distancing activities at recess are:
- Grade level playground equipment
- New Gaga ball turf
- New soccer goals
- Basketball nets for the goals
- Sidewalk chalk


Visit Konstella Announcements to see levels and incentives!

Don’t know what Konstella is. . . keep reading


New to LPE:

The LPE PTO utilizes a technology called Konstella to communicate with parents, organize classroom activities, etc. 

Please visit: and sign up. Then add your child to your profile and assign them to his/her classroom


Returning student at LPE:

Please log in and place your child in his/her classroom so that you are kept in the classroom communication loop. 

Web:  Click your name in the top left corner.  Click "Your Children" to add/modify your children.

Mobile App:  Click the Settings icon in the top left corner.  Click "Your Children".


No longer have a student enrolled at LPE?

Log in to Konstella on a browser, click on your name, then Your Roles, then click Remove from Lake Pointe Elementary. Or, you can email to ask to be removed." 




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