Konstella - 2017-2018 School Year
Sun, Aug 13 9:47am
Las Colinas Elementary


LCE has just set up Classrooms in Konstella for the 2017-18!


For Parents of returning students  - please take a moment to Assign your Child or Children to their Classrooms by logging in to Konstella.


For Parents of Children who are new to LCE or are parents of Kindergarteners, you may register now and then add your child when rosters are posted/announced after the August 17 Registration.


More information is below from Konstella.


- LCE PTA Team


Parents who open any Konstella web page or the mobile apps will be prompted with a popup message window to assign their children to the right rooms.  Please be sure that you do not create the new rooms until your parents are aware of their assignments.  If a parent chooses to close the popup without updating her children’s classroom info, we won’t prompt the window again on the same device until 30 days later.  

Konstella will prompt you to assign your child/children.  If not, go to the Your Children page to update your children.