LCE PTA Volunteer Rolls for 2018-2019--VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
Mon, Apr 2 1:25pm
Las Colinas Elementary

It’s that time of year again.  We need to fill our volunteer leadership rolls.  Some of our leaders are rolling off and some are staying on.  Some need some help in an apprentice roll to learn the job and take it over next year. See the attached list of rolls with descriptions of responsibilities.


I sincerely hope you will consider taking an open roll.  Like all of you, I am extremely busy but have decided to serve another year as the President (unless somebody else wants the job).   Our kids and our school need your help—as do I.  If we don’t fill a roll, that activity will no longer happen.  I simply can’t fill in the gaps myself. 


I look forward to hearing from you!  If you can't take a leadership roll and are interested in volunteering to help under certain rolls, we also welcome your help!!!


Please email me at 



Tricia Macaluso

LCE PTA President 2017-2018