Book Fair Volunteer Sign up Sheet - Nov 28th-Dec 2nd
Lincoln Elementary

The volunteer positions available at the Book Fair are simple and fun. There will be an experienced volunteer at each shift to help you in any situation. Book fair hours are 8:30am-3:15pm. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can transition between shifts with full coverage.


Volunteers will process all sale transactions. Training will be provided.


Shopping Assistant
This position is a mix of helping students find item pricing and things within their price range, answering general questions about the Fair, and encouraging students to handle merchandise properly (not bending book pages, opening trinkets, etc.).

Door Person
These volunteers help to make sure students leave backpacks/jackets in the outside, to check receipts (basically verifying that they have a receipt- you wouldn't be expected to review each line), and to make sure the MP room doesn't become overcrowded.


Please only sign up if you have been cleared as on campus volunteer with Rochelle.


*Tuesday we will stay open until 3pm and close early if there are no shoppers.

* Friday we have reduced hours and will be open during Recess (10:10-10:30am), Lunch (12pm-1pm), and after school (2:35pm-3:30pm). We will send a reminder email for those that sign up for Friday slots that they will not need to stay the full time.