Volunteers Needed - Book Fair Dec 11-14th + Family Night Dec 14th
Lincoln MP Room

The volunteer positions available at the Book Fair are simple and fun. There will be an experienced volunteer at each shift to help you in any situation. 10 min overlap between shifts will be for training. Classroom visit schedule posted in (parenthesis) so volunteers can try to assist classroom but please be aware that these are subject to change. Make sure you have been cleared to volunteer with Rochelle Chu (chu_rochelle@cusdk8.org ).


This position processes all sales using the Scholastic Scanners and Registers. Payment methods accepted are E-wallet funds, cash and credit card (Family Night Only).


Cashier Assistant
This position assists Cashiers by preparing items to scan, bag, get trinkets/posters and keep the line moving.


Shopping Assistant
This position is a mix of helping students find item pricing and things within their price range, answering general questions about the Fair, and encouraging students to handle merchandise properly (not bending book pages, opening trinkets, etc.).

Door Person
These volunteers help to make sure students leave backpacks/jackets, to check receipts (basically verifying that they have a receipt- you wouldn't be expected to review each line), and to make sure the MP room doesn't become overcrowded. If needed volunteers will also help as shopping assistants.