Go back to school shopping and earn funds for LMS while you're at it!
Thu, Aug 17 2:19pm
Lincoln Middle School

Welcome back to school! By now, most of you should have your student's class schedule, and should be getting supply lists soon, if you don't have them already. That means it's Back-to-School shopping time! If you use Amazon, please help LMS earn funds by clicking on the "Amazon" link on the LMS home page before you log in to your Amazon account and fill your cart. Once you click the link, you'll be redirected to a site that has our specific school "Amazon Associates" store ID at the end of the URL. You won't notice any other difference - but the difference you make by supporting LMS through Amazon will be so appreciated.
While you're at it,  don't forget to check out Sports Basement for all those fall activity needs! Become a Basementeer by signing up online, and choose LMS as your benefactor. (We're listed under "schools", so scroll down way past "Charities" to find us.) You'll save 10% every time you shop once you've signed up, and benefit our school, too. You can even shop online. Win-win!
Here's the link to the LMS home page so you can start shopping - and check out our school gear, while you're at it! You know you need that cute student-designed Lincoln Lion tee. Treat yourself!
Happy shopping! (And don't forget to join LMS PTA, the number one way to support our wonderful school.)