HELP! In need of important 2018-2019 LMS PTA Board members
Thu, Mar 8 8:25pm
Lincoln Middle School
We are at the time to pick the slate for next year's PTA board members.  We have several important board positions that need to be filled due to term limits.  The red ones are required to have PTA in a good standing in business.
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Auditor
  • Vice president or Co-President, who can step up as president in year 2019-2020

As you all know, these PTA's don't run by themselves and Lincoln relies on the valuable volunteers and donations of our PTA.  It truly takes a village! 

If you think you might be interested in taking one of these roles on, please feel free to let us know.  Or if you have any thoughts of good possible candidates - people who you know who might be good at the role and may be interested, introduce us so we can talk to these people.  It would be great to get parents of younger kids so that they could be around for a couple of years.  If you know parents of 5th graders who will be coming to Lincoln that might be good for these roles, please help us forward to them or help introduce us to them so that we can talk to them. 
A brief summary of each position is attached.  More details & "official" job description can be found on CAPTA website.   All of these can be done by working parents as there is very little need for these positions to be on campus.
Treasurer - This very important role (I would say more important than the President!) helps prepare the budget (which is really just making updates to our existing budget if needed) and keeps track of the money earned and the money paid out of PTA.  The treasurer writes the checks for any funds that PTA pays and also prepares the taxes (I am told that it's not as hard as your own personal taxes).  (Or we could pay for tax preparation if that is the only thing holding you or someone you know back.)  If you have an accounting background and tracking dollars is something you are good at, this could be the role for you!  
Secretary - Document minutes from the PTA meetings.  This could be a good entry point job for anyone who can make it to the meetings and that's about it.  Bring a laptop to the meetings and take notes.  Turn it around to the PTA president(s) and the job is done!  Judy is also around next year to ensure a smooth transition but this should be pretty straight forward.
Auditor - Audits the books and financial records of a PTA to determine their accuracy; presents written reports on audits to the board and the association for adoption; forwards copies of adopted audits to council/district PTA.  As far as I learnt in the past months, auditor reports are required to complete twice a year (mid-year and end of year).
President / Vice President - Matt and I have been co-chairing since beginning of year.  We both came in new to the position and will reach term together too.  Based on our experience, we would suggest to have someone to step up now (if no prior experience with PTA) and can have less learning curve next year.   Presidents make sure that the PTA events or activities are happening.  I would say that this is largely a management role, just making sure things are being done.  It's also heavy on email communication - more so during the beginning of the year and it really does taper down quite a bit.  The President also facilitates the once a month PTA meetings and will also give a couple of speeches at the beginning of the year (5 - 10 minutes so not long).  The President also attends the PTA Council meetings where all of the PTA presidents from AUSD meet.  That is also once a month.   The current PTA board members are all very supportive.  If someone like me who had never done anything in PTA can learn to come up to speed, anyone can do it!  
Please give it some thought, forward this to anybody you know who might be interested or let me know of any people you think might be good at these roles and I can reach out to them.
For interests, questions or suggestions, please reach out to the following members:
Thanks in advance for your considerations or any leads you have.
Hua Yang and Matthew Brotze