Happy New Year LMS!
Thu, Jan 3 10:40am
Lincoln Middle School

Happy New Year LMS Community!


A huge THANK YOU to our teachers, staff and parent volunteers, members and supporters who have contributed to an amazing educational experience for our kids through 2018!


Together we have:
- funded and coordinated visiting interactive science programs 
- developed and facilitated distinctive art docent programs in all classrooms to inspire and share global art and culture
- showcased and supported student art creations through Art Reflections programming
- Hosted staff appreciation lunches and events
- Facilitated healthy and safety programs like Walk-n-Roll and the Lion Prowl
- Provided teacher classroom supplies and resources to support their curriculums
- Funded school extracurricular activities, clubs and organizations
- Supporting the LMS goals to elevate technology in the classroom for every student
- Partnered to host the Scholastic book fair
- Secured local grants through student leadership and civil activity to support teen health and awareness across our community 
- Promoted school spirit and the online spirit store
- Funding for study hall hours
- worked hard to secure funding to support our educational community and ongoing improvements for our children's experience at LMS! 
- ......and so much more!


Lots more to come in the year ahead! If you haven't already, make it a New Year's Resolution to support your PTA efforts by:
- Joining the PTA today
- Donating to the PTA
- Working with your company to match your donation 
- Volunteering and being a voice at PTA meetings


THANK YOU and join us at our first meeting of the year on Thursday, January 10th!