Help Needed for Measure A! Attract and retain amazing teachers in Alameda!
Sat, Jan 4 10:49am

Hi all,
Ok, here's where the rubber meets the road for the Measure A Campaign and ensuring fair pay for our hard working teachers! This will be a tough campaign and we need 2/3 of the vote to win. The immediate need is to recruit AT LEAST 15 block captains from LMS to help share information in our community about the measure and ensure max voter turnout in March.

Block Captains are vital to the success of this campaign; the face-to-face collection of data has proven to be the most effective means by which to get people out to vote. For a successful campaign requiring 2/3 vote to pass, our Block Captains will be assigned up to 100 voters to reach from the 2nd week of January through the 2nd week of February. As the number one goal is data collection and not persuasion, we will ask Block Captains to return at the end of February/beginning of March, only to the YES houses to remind them to get out to vote.

Please respond to this post or email me at juliamclare at gmail if you can help. The training for block captains is this coming Tuesday 1/7 (info/sign up hereand will be an extremely helpful opportunity to learn how to use the canvassing app and such. We can all dedicate a few hours to support our students, teachers and education in Alameda!

Thanks for reading and considering.

Julia Owens, PTA Treasurer