Join Lincoln Middle School PTA!
Thu, Aug 22 2:48pm

Hey LMS Parents! Have you joined the LMS PTA yet?

Don't forget to join PTA and if you are able, donate towards the Membership drive. PTA provides important resources for in house student "fieldtrips", student programs, stipends for teachers for supplies, and many other important funding needs. You can join without attending the meetings or better yet, attend the meetings so you'll understand what is going on at the school. (I have always learned so much when attending the meetings.)

You can join by completing the yellow PTA membership envelope, pay $15 per adult, and an optional suggested minimum donation of $150 per family. Have your student turn the envelope in at the office. Alternatively, you can join online through the following link: [](

If you use the online option, please note that there are 2 items - one for membership and another for donation. If you intend to do both, make sure to "purchase" both before checking out.

Our goal is to reach 400 members. With over 900 students, we should be able to reach that goal.

Let's do this LMS Community!!!

Thank you for your support!