Keep Alameda kids tobacco free - Join Us this Wednesday at City Hall
Sun, Nov 4 10:00pm
Lincoln Middle School

Thanks to all who joined the Walk to Keep Alameda Kids Tobacco Free!


CALLING ALL STUDENTS who want their voices heard for this important meeting:

The Alameda City Council is offering local students an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns at this Wednesday's council meeting as they discuss this important tobacco ordinance.


Officials from the Alameda County Public Health Dept. and the Tobacco Coalition will also be present.


Please join us this Wednesday, Nov. 7th, at Alameda City Council Hall for this important meeting affecting our kids' health.


Students can speak individually or as groups and will meet Wednesday evening at 6:15pm at City Hall room 360 prior to the start of the City Council meeting.


All students attending will receive community service time.


For more information about this opportunity, please direct message Kimberly McGowan or Matt Brotze. 


*Note - the attached image represents actual vaping products sold in Alameda disguised to look like candy.