LMS COMMUNITY NOTICE: Bike accident, safety and traffic calming petition
Mon, Oct 2 9:37am
Lincoln Middle School


 Message from LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL - Bike incident last week

I’m sad to report that one of our students was hit by a car while riding their bike in an intersection.  The student was injured and had to be transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  While we encourage walking or rolling to school, it is essential that student utilize safe riding practices.  Drivers are often times not aware or looking in all directions.  It is imperative that students make eye contact with drivers.  Bike riders should be alert and cautious and always wear their helmets.  Students should always walk their bikes in intersections.  Every Lincoln student that has been hit by a car these past five years has been riding through an intersection.      

Let’s be careful out there.

Mr. Hans   

Click link below to see petition with City of Alameda. 

Click HERE to read the petition for traffic safety and please vote.