LMS PTA Neighborhood Walk to support a Tobacco Free Alameda
Tue, Oct 23 8:33am
Lincoln Middle School


We need your help:


Lincoln Middle School PTA is partnering with Tobacco Free Alameda, and the Alameda County Tobacco Control Coalition, and the TUPE students (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) to spread the word.


Join us on October 27th to help distribute door hangers that educate citizens about candy flavored tobacco products.  


The LMS PTA will also be eligible for up to a $2,000 grant for supporting the efforts in the following ways:

- distributing door hangers this Saturday in designated areas

- obtaining 300 "statement of concern" signed cards

- attending and speaking at the Nov. 7 City Council Meeting 

Your participation helps our community of students in many ways!  


Student who volunteer get:

- 3 community service hours

- a $10 restaurant gift card

- and a pizza lunch during the walk!


Adults and kids can sign a "Statement of Concern" card. Students plan to deliver 300+ cards to the Alameda City Council Meeting on November 7th. Cards are available in the LMS office or message Kim McGowan or Matt Brotze. 




Share your opinion at November 7th City Council Meeting and support your LMS PTA in this important initiative!