Lincoln Middle School Gets Back to Reflections Art Program
Fri, Oct 20 10:08am
Lincoln Middle School

Dear LMS Families,

I'm excited to announce that we finally have a parent volunteer to lead the Reflections Art Program!  This is huge for us as LMS had missed the opportunity for the past few years already, but WE ARE BACK this year!   The theme of the year is "Within Reach".


Thanks go to

Ada Gurevich

She stepped up for us.  We may have a late start & a tight timeline ahead of us, but at least WE ARE BACK!


Ada is still figuring out details that she can sent out to the whole community, so please allow some time before you reach out with your questions.  If you have experience about this program, please DO reach out to her with your support.  Ada can be reached via email:


Info about the program can be found on