Measure A Parcel Tax Needs our Support
Sun, Dec 29 7:26pm

Hi all! Your intrepid PTA Treasurer here.

Hopefully you have heard about Measure A, the parcel tax to attract and retain high-quality teachers in Alameda that will hit the ballot March 2020. The Lincoln PTA is supporting this measure, financially and through endorsement, and the Measure A folks are in need of school-based volunteers to help spread the word and garner support from voters across Alameda.

I have offered to help as a school captain for Lincoln, but I have very limited bandwidth and would love a helper or two! They will also need the larger community to help with canvassing efforts and such in the next months. Please let me know if you can help with the 3 month push for this important initiative. There is a volunteer meeting this Monday, 12/30 from 7-8pm and it would be great to have LMS represented there.  It takes place at the First Congregational Church on Central and you can sign up here:

This is all about supporting fair pay for our teachers and top quality education for our kids! I hope to hear from you. TIA!

Julia Owens

PTA Treasurer