PTA needs your help!
Mon, Jan 15 5:43pm
Lincoln Middle School

The more you know....

Do you know where PTA funds go?

* band instrument maintenance

* nature area/outdoor development

* Seed to Table program

* shop class

* photocopies

* student programs that include special science classes as well as field trips (“Wonder” for this year).

* morning study hall

* technology

* art docent

* student publications

* teacher funds

* Ways and Means

* campus beautification

* Go Green

* Walk & Roll

* staff appreciation

* morale and community development

....and more!

PLEASE help PTA continue to fund these important programs and activities.

Right now we are approx $3,000 shy of our goal in membership and direct donations. This shortage WILL affect PTAs ability to fund programs.

Ways to make a difference:

* make a direct donation (and check for company match programs)

* become a PTA member

* participate in the upcoming Fundraiser: LMS Night at the A’s

* shop on Amazon via the link on the LMS web page