Popcorn sale results!
Fri, Oct 20 9:36am
Lincoln Middle School

I know it has been a real nail biter… But the time is finally here... we are ready to announce the winners of our 2nd annual popcorn fundraiser.

3rd place: Emily Farley

2nd place: Layla Ilacqua

1st place, with an amazing 70 bags sold, winner of the TV...


We have lots and lots of prizes to give out to include a free bag of popcorn, bags, and T-shirts and sweatshirts. Today after school I will be distributing the free popcorn and the bags. We are still waiting for the T-shirts and sweatshirts to arrive.

An announcement was made at school this morning for those kids who qualify for a prize to come to the office after school to claim it.

If your student (s) is anything like mine, and has absolutely no clue how many bags of popcorn they sold or even has no recollection of a popcorn sale at all, you can contact me next week to make arrangements to collect the prize.

Thank you all again for participating!