Reduce your Konstella Emails!
Wed, Sep 13 10:49am
Lincoln Middle School

A few people have commented that as they are added to Konstella they are bombarded with emails! Well, you can control that in settings! In Konstella desktop, you go to your name on the top left. If you click on that, you'll see a pull-down menu. Select "account settings." The window will show tabs "basic info," "privacy," and "email notifications." Click on the tab you want to modify. To reduce the email notifications, you can select "no" on the notifies. Keep in mind, tho, if you sign up for something and you click it off, you won't get a reminder!


From your smart phone, just click on the "wheel" at the top left and navigate to "email notifications." 


I wish you could do more specific notifies (sign ups, events, and announcements) could be split out, oh well. If you turn this off, just be sure to check konstella so you don't miss anything.