TRASH TALK 11/10 Gratitude for Donations & Thank you to LUNCH SERVICES
Fri, Nov 10 8:54am
Lincoln Middle School

Good morning, LMS Parents and Teachers:



From Kevin Baker: "Just wanted to share a big thank you to LMS parent Jane Schmitz (Yes, the popcorn fundraising superstar) for her generous donation to our Go Green program. A couple dozen of these nice litter claws will last us several years! Thanks as well to Lorri Garrett (-LMS's Seed-to-Table Coordinator) for procuring some equally nice gear including these high quality green aprons.  " Thank you, Mr. Baker, for picture of the amazing stash which will further incentivize our student volunteers and parents.



Thank you also to James Assia (AUSD Food & Nutrition Services Director)

and Maria (and her team) at LMS for making the requested material swaps. We really appreciate your efforts.  LMS now dispenses ketchup -the kids' FAV condiment - via large dispensers - since ketchup plastic packs were the biggest offenders in green bins.  Moreover,  hamburgers and chicken patties sold at LMS are now wrapped in paper, which can be disposed with food leftovers in green bins, further eliminating previous landfill designated waste. 


Wishing you a ROAR-ing and memorable Veterans Day weekend. 

Nicole Kidd (GoGreen)