Thanks for coming to 2nd Day Coffee!
Tue, Aug 22 10:41am
Lincoln Middle School

Thanks for coming out to 2nd Day Coffee today and joining the LMS PTA! Your involvement, donations and membership make the difference in enhancing our kids experience at Lincoln!  

Every little bit helps:
- JOIN TODAY turn in the yellow envelope (from textbook pick up ) or on the LMS Website with the PayPal button - you can join and donate on same page!
- VOLUNTEERING is EASY - as much or as little as you like, it all makes a BIG difference for our LMS community! check out committees on Konstella today, start a committee or project, and/or return your volunteer form to the front office
- AMAZON link on the LMS homepage helps us earn funds with every purchase
- COMPANY MATCH - please check with your company today to see if they have a matching program
- PTA MEETINGS - join us! 9/14 is our first meeting

Have a terrific week and thank you!