Announcement: Little Wonders Goes "Almost" Chemical Free
Mon, Jul 1 1:41pm
Little Wonders - A Parent-Child Center

The debate on using bleach has brewed for the last 15 years, and we have finally ditched the bleach. Little Wonders is now utilizing a mechanical cleaning system called Norwex, which uses microfiber and silver to clean and sanitize. The transition has been going smoothly, and due to parental concerns we have decided to use the hydrogen peroxide spray at the changing table only. Parents are welcome to use their own changing pads or use the spray before and after a diaper change. We are pleased to report a significant drop in our garbage waste due to the reduction in paper towel use. The staff is excited about being better stewards of our environment while maintaining the safety of our children. Thanks for your cooperation and continued support. Read more about the decision to switch to Norwex here.