Invitation: Chemical Free Classroom Online Party
Fri, Apr 19 5:03pm
Little Wonders - A Parent-Child Center

Little Wonders is changing our cleaning regimen!

After much discussion, the Board voted to keep our school and children clean on a daily basis without using bleach, Windex, Comet, and other chemical based cleaners. Instead, we’ve chosen to switch to cleaning with water and microfiber cloths backed with microsilver through the Norwex company. These towels, cleaning & polishing cloths, sponges, kitchen cloths and mops are all a very high quality microfiber embedded with microsilver. The CDC recognizes silver as a microbicide under its Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities (2008).


Little Wonders takes the health of our children, parents, and staff very seriously and will continue to comply with all applicable state and local laws for maintaining a clean and safe learning environment while reducing everyone’s exposure to chemicals. Please do read the attached letter for more information on our decision.


How will we make this switch, and how can you help?

Little Wonders will host an online “party” from Friday, April 19th (TODAY!) through Monday, April 29th so interested families can see videos and demos of the products, ask questions, and purchase products if interested. You can go on in your own time. You may share this with friends and family. Little Wonders will have a wishlist if you want to purchase something directly for the school. We also earn free products with each purchase - whether your purchase is for yourself, your aunt, or Little Wonders itself.


Here is the link to our party from our consultant’s site:

or to the Facebook party with all the demos and information:

and to the Norwex online catalog:


So many choices, what should I start with?

(Recommendations and notes from Teacher Suzanne.)


The basic package with an EnviroCloth and a Window Cloth will help clean any surface without streaks. This allows you to get rid of all cleaning products you would use for kitchen, bathroom, windows, carpet/upholstery spills, and other hard and soft surfaces. If you are starting with one item, this would be it.


I also find that the Dusting Mitt is very useful if you want to remove the need for dusting sprays. It is amazing at holding the dust in the mitt.


Want something to get rid of the floor cleaners for your hardwood, tile, vinyl, and laminate floors? Try the mop system. Using the dry mop head, you sweep up the particles on your floor using static electricity - this can be cleaned with a brush after each use. Then using the damp mop head, you can wash dirt and grime off your floors chemical-free.


Want to get rid of all the antibacterial soaps? Use the hand towels or chenille hand towels to help rid the spread of germs. The towels have the microsilver BacLock antibacterial agent that self-purifies and inhibits odors from bacteria, mold and mildew growth within 24 hours, so that it is ready to use again. Because they are high density microfiber, germs/dirt from one person do not spread to the next user. This enables us to use fewer disposable paper towels and still not spread germs via towels! I’ve been using these towels to dry hands in my classes for the last few months and I love them.


I remove my makeup using the makeup removal cloths and water – no makeup remover needed. These rinse easily with hot water. I launder them once a week at most.