Thu, Oct 22 5:12pm

We’re so excited to offer Little Wonders Keepsakes this fall! Although we aren’t in person, these mementos couldn’t be left out of our yearly fun. Work on your ceramic piece at home and we’ll do the lettering custom to what you want. These pieces make the perfect holiday gift and are a beautiful memory of your little one. All proceeds benefit Little Wonders.  Available pieces are: Tiles ($30 each), Round Ornament ($30), Mug, ($32), Round Place ($36), Square Plate ($40) and Square Vase ($36). See pictures below.

Step 1: Place your order HERE between now and Sunday, November 1st at 8pm. 

Step 2: Your keepsakes kit will be delivered to your door by November 5th. (Delivery is only available for families living between San Francisco and San Jose.) The kit will include the ceramics ordered, special ceramic paint, paint brush, how-to instructions (how-to video will be emailed) and order form for additional decorating done by Mireille. 

Step 3: Decorate, let your kids decorate, and have fun! Store it in a safe place to dry. Fill out your form if you want any special lettering on your masterpiece. 

Step 4: Drop off your decorated ceramics at Little Wonders on selected dates and times TBD between November 16th-18th. 

Step 5: We’ll do the lettering, fire it up, and drop it back off to you just in time for the holidays.

Payment is accepted via check on the day you drop off your keepsake, or you can opt to have an invoice sent to you via PayPal. If you have any questions, please contact the Keepsake Coordinator, Kristen Follis, at

Available Pieces:

Tiles ($30) - This 6x6 tile is a great blank canvas! Have fun decorating and keep it as a nice memento or add to the Little Wonders “wall of fame” (located in the play yard). Help us add more tiles to fill our wall!

Square Plate ($40) - The square plate can be made into a festive “Cookies for Santa plate” or a perfect canvas for your kid to do their own artwork. This plate is great for one child or multiple children!

Mug ($32)- Enjoy a warm cup of coffee/tea in your decorated mug. Add your child’s footprint or handprint and let Mireille do the rest. These make great grandparent gifts for the holidays!

Round Plate ($36) - This round plate has the option to become your family’s ‘You are Special Plate’. The ‘You are Special Plate’ is pulled out for birthdays, accomplishments and special occasions. A plate of cookies served on this plate after your child's first day of school or their first goal in soccer will make the day even more special! A family ‘You are Special Plate’ is even more versatile and can be used for the well-deserving parents in the family as well. Mireille fondly remembers the day that she became Director at Little Wonders and to celebrate her family pulled out their ‘You are Special Plate’.

Square Vase ($36)- This square vase is a great size to hold a bouquet of flowers! It’s easy to decorate with large flat surfaces perfect for little hands or feet. Mireille can add some garden touches making the prints into flowers and adding a cute bug or two.

Round Ornament ($30)- The perfect decoration for your Christmas tree. A great way to remember those tiny handprints year after year!