Staff Appreciation
Wed, Dec 2 6:33pm
Sent on behalf of our co-presidents, Kate Tobias & Kim Lee: 
Happy Holidays! We hope you are enjoying this semester at Little Wonders. Our staff have been working incredibly hard to make our virtual program as meaningful as possible and we want to show our appreciation for them with a holiday gift. Rather than give separate gifts for each class as we normally would, we thought it would be easier to join forces and collect a single pool of money. We will then split the funds evenly amongst Mireille, Teacher Maggie & Teacher Suzanne and purchase a gift card from one of their favorite stores. This is entirely optional, but if you would like to contribute, please send whatever denomination you see fit ($10-20 recommended) to Kate Tobias, Co-President of the Board, by December 13th. You can send money by:
  1. Venmo: @Kate-Tobias (photo is of a dog)
  2. Paypal: (note that the name on the account shows up as Catherine Blumberg)
  3. Check: Send Kate a message on Konstella and she will provide her address
Thanks, and please reach out to Kate or Kim if you have any questions,