Labels for the Stuff Kids Lose!" Littlebrook PTO Fundraiser - happening now!
Fri, Sep 15 1:11pm
Littlebrook Elementary School
If you are looking to purchase labels for your child's belongings, please support our Littlebrook PTO fundraiser with Mabel's LabelsOur PTO fund will receive 20% of all sales. That means  - by purchasing labels you might already be planning to purchase, you will help support the exceptional art residencies, school assemblies, and many other school programs we fund. 
Lost jackets after activities?  Lost water bottles and lunchboxes?  You can do your part in helping to deplete our enormous Lost & Found pile while helping our school enrichment, too.  
To check out Mabel's Labels products:
Then, "select your school/organization" from the dropdown menu:  
Littlebrook Elementary School (Princeton)
Make sure you see Littlebrook's name as the header of the web page as you browse and check out. Shipping & Handling is free.
And share with friends and family. Thanks for your support!