Raising Healthy Children Presentation
Thu, Nov 16 7:00pm-9:00pm
JW Middle School

Raising Healthy Children


How do we stop the toxic levels of anxiety and stress that have become common in schools across the nation? 


On November 16th at 7:00 PM at John Witherspoon Middle School, George Scott, a Family Therapist at the Center for Counseling Services in Mercer County, will be giving a presentation on Raising Healthy Children.  Mr. Scott is a renowned expert on mental health in kids and teens.  


Topics discussed will include: 

·         Developing lifelong resiliency by empowering kids to embrace challenges and failures

·         Why students are floundering in spite of immense potential

·         Raising kids to be the happy and thriving adults we want them to be

·         Responding to traumatic events

·         The increases in self-injury and suicides among children ages 10-21 

·         The increases in the number of our children referred for psychiatric evaluations