A message from SMILE, our neighborhood association
Tue, Apr 27 7:07am
SMILE, the Sellwood Moreland Improvement League, is our neighborhood association (and the oldest NA in Portland!). It is managed by a Board of Directors elected by us — neighborhood residents. This year the board election will happen (online and at the SMILE Station) on May 5th and 6th with five open at-large board positions and four officers on the ballot. If you live, work, or own property in the neighborhood you are automatically a SMILE member and eligible to serve on the Board and vote in our election. 
As a volunteer-run organization, we’re dependent on the energy of our neighbors to promote our long traditions of civic engagement and community-building. We want the board members who represent the diverse makeup of our community. If you love Sellwood-Moreland, please consider throwing your hat in the ring and run for a position on the SMILE Board. Here are five good reasons:
  1. You’ll have a strong voice with the City, County and State on land use, transportation, environmental and other issues that affect our neighborhood.
  2. You’ll gain experience serving on a non-profit Board with responsibility for employees, budgets, investments, facilities management and more. (SMILE manages two rental properties — the SMILE Station at SE 13th/Tenino and Oaks Pioneer Church at SE 6th/Spokane).  
  3. You’ll help plan neighborhood events ranging from music concerts to habitat protection.
  4. You’ll connect with neighbors from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences.
  5. You’ll help keep Sellwood-Moreland the special place it is to live and work.
Interested? Questions? Find information at https://sellwood.org/2021-smile-board-election-information/.
Big thanks!
Jim Friscia
SMILE Board Member
Chair, Events Committee