BINGO - MAY 18th
Sat, May 18 7:00pm-10:00pm
Westmoreland Union Manor, Street parking only
Get your Babysitters! Get ready to have a night away from the kids
and raise money for Llewellyn.
BINGO night is Saturday May 18th from
7-10pm at Westmoreland Union Manor!
This is a Foundation Fundraiser. 
  • Your first Bingo card is $20, each card after that is $5. All proceeds go to the Foundation. 
  • There will be desserts and snacks for free. 
  • Donations to the Foundation can be made with checks and credit cards at the event, and there will be laptops set up to sign up for monthly or one time giving. 
  • There will be tons of awesome gift cards and prizes.
  • Bingo cards and adult beverages are available for purchase.
  • This is an adults only event…get your babysitters ASAP
  • Do you want to help? 
  • If you have any questions please email Sarah Erickson
  • The first card of BINGO will be called at 7:15. Doors open at 7:00