Classroom Auction Art Helpers Still Needed!
Mon, Feb 28 6:42am

The PTA Auction is coming up. The class art projects are always popular auction items and raise a lot of money to support our teachers, staff, and students. But this year, we're having trouble getting volunteers. The following classes still need a parent volunteer to coordinate a class auction project:


Ms Kanz

Ms Frisby

Ms Revay

Ms Omey

Ms Schneider

Ms Cronen

Ms Gassner

Ms Streano

Ms Prelosky

Ms Woods

Mr Crouser

Mr Rozell


If you are interested in leading the auction art project, please contact the Llewellyn Auction Art Coordinator, Dena Sayama and your class parent. Want to help but aren’t sure where to start? We've got lots of ideas. Just check in with Dena. 


Projects should be submitted by March 31.


This is a fun volunteer opportunity with the opportunity to work directly with kids to create something beautiful. Thanks for your help in supporting our school.