Congratulations on a Successful Auction!
Mon, Apr 25 11:02am

Dear Llewellyn Community,


The 2022 Llewellyn Auction may have looked a little different than in past years, but it was a huge success. With your help, we raised $35,000 for our school! 


If you were a winner, congratulations! Expect a communication in the next few days with details on how and when to get your item(s). We will also be announcing the winner of our 50-50 raffle in the next week or so.


The auction takes an incredible amount of work and wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers. If you see these folks at pick up or drop off, give them a big thanks: 


Jessica Desrocher (Auction planner) 

Sarah Schroeder (Art coordinator)

Dena Sayama (Art coordinator) 

Ashley Schmidt (Facebook Live behind the scenes and Greater Giving expert)

Natalie Anzalone-Zuniga (Facebook Live behind the scenes and videographer)

Lana Keane (Facebook Live co-host and Foundation Chair)

Melisa Ferguson (Facebook Live co-host and outreach and procurement)

Melissa Federspiel (Kombucha picker-upper)

Allison Eschel (Gear guru) 

Brittany Jones (Volunteer coordinator) 

Kili Fern (Outreach and procurement)

Cassidy Stockton (Outreach and procurement)

Carleen Starr (Outreach and procurement) 

Rachael Thomas (Outreach and procurement) 

Carol Baldinelli (Outreach and procurement)

Anne Sweeney (Outreach and procurement)

Rick Nickerson (Outreach and procurement)

Tia Anderson (Outreach and procurement)

Meredith Copeland (Outreach and procurement)

Jennifer Holmes (Outreach and procurement) 


And thank you to our parents who coordinated the art projects: 

Mackenzie Gray 

Alysia Cox

Jen Holmes

Alea Walt

Laura Mabe

Dena Sayama

Jessica Pluhar

Jenn Anderson

Erin Taylor 

Lindsay Johnson

Kyleigh Gill

Sarah Sell

Jenny Wetzel

Bee Ladd

Zaneta Detry

Leah Samour

Jessica Pellengahr 

Laura Goff

Teresa Atkins

Emily Motter

Molly Anderson

Julie Currin

Casie Dunning

Erin McConnell


And special thanks to Erika Morales, who ran the auction for three years and provided help getting us started.


Thank you also to all the local businesses, artists and parents who donated to the auction, and to those of you who bid and spread the word. 


Next year, we’re hoping for an in-person/online hybrid. Stay tuned!


Thanks again for supporting our school!

Ali Wilkinson (Auction Chair)