Earth Day Fun!
Mon, Apr 20 7:57pm

Wednesday, April 22, is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Although the coronavirus requires us to stay at home, we can join in an online community to call for environmental policies that will protect the planet for future generations and to make a pledge to help the Earth. 


The coronavirus crisis is a reminder that we are all connected: neither viruses nor carbon dioxide pay any attention to borders. And our willingness to make changes in our lives to limit the pandemic shows that most people understand that helping each other is the only way that we can help ourselves. That is what solidarity is all about, and that same spirit is what we need to confront climate change.


Let’s join together on Earth Day to post big signs in our windows and yards with a message of how we can help the Earth. These can be pledges of what we can do personally, or they can call for the big changes that are needed. Earth Day Oregon 2020 is inviting participants to take a picture of their sign and post it on social media with the hashtag: #MyPlanetMyPledge. 


We look forward to joining together with you on Earth Day. Please spread the word in any way you can. 


Watch a video message from Ella Murdock, a fifth-grader at the Creative Science School, who initiated demonstrations and Earth Day planning at her school.