Easy Ways to Support the Llewellyn PTA
Tue, Sep 13 9:21am

The new school year is already off to a great start and we have lots more (in person!) fun coming up.


The Llewellyn PTA organizes many school-wide events, including craft nights, reading night, the Llewellyn Holiday Market, the auction, and more. We also support teachers with stipends, fund the Llewellyn Garden, bring art to our students, and make field trips free for all students. 


There are many ways you can help support the PTA throughout the year. Here are three easy ones you can do right now. 


1. Set your Amazon Smile account to support the Llewellyn PTA. If you shop on Amazon, you can automatically have a portion of every purchase go to the Llewellyn PTA. Go to smile.amazon.com and select Llewellyn PTA as your charity as choice. For future Amazon purchases, go through the smile site rather than directly through Amazon. 


2. Donate directly to the PTA. You can find a link to do so here. Share with friends and family outside the Konstella community with this link


3. Join the PTA. A portion of your membership goes directly to the Llewellyn PTA. Only PTA members can vote at PTA meetings. (Our first meeting is coming up next Thursday!) You can join through Konstella here or on the Oregon PTA website here


Thanks for your continued to support! We are looking forward to a fun and eventful year.