How to Run Llewellyn: May 13
Wed, May 4 6:05pm

Register for Run Llewellyn Today!

~May 13 during School~



1. Sign up your child(ren)  Register


2. Set up your child(ren)'s site    Video Directions


3. Send out a message for pledges  

Copy & Paste or use your own:


Sponsor (student name) for Run Llewellyn--May 13!


Hi Friends and Family, 

Consider sponsoring me for our upcoming Run Llewellyn--one of the funnest days of the year!

My goal is to run _____ laps and raise $_______ to help support my school.

(Insert Url link)

You can either donate a one time pledge to help me reach my goal or sponsor me per lap!  


The money raised will be  used to keep our teaching staff next year. Our public elementary school is looking at cuts due to the loss in student enrollment during the pandemic.  We all want to keep our class sizes small and get the attention from educators that will help us thrive  as we grow and learn.  Your tax-deductible donation will help us reach our school goal of $30,000, and help alleviate the impending cuts in school staff next year. 


I'll let you know when I finish my laps on May 13!

And hopefully will also win a prize (insert prize goal) because you helped support me.


Thank you for sponsoring my run and wish me luck on a successful fun run for my school!



4. Win PRIZES Raffles, Class Parties, PIE in Principal's Face!

Llewellyn Gym in your name!


Run+Sponsor=Additional Classroom Support