Llewellyn Community in Solidarity for Schools
Thu, Nov 2 10:59am

Update: I would like to remind everyone that  I am just a parent who is conveying information as I have it. I am not the coordinator and have no control over where the picketing will be or when. Please check in with the teachers at the school each morning if you would like to know where the protest location(s) will be. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram @Ashley.garcia83 I will do my best to pass on information as it is given to me. 


11/2: update: strike is at Sellwood Bridge with middle school teachers.

They are now moving to Tacoma and 13th.


11/1 Update: If the strike continues, the teacher-led picketing will continue in front of the school and at the intersection of Bybee and Milwaukie again tomorrow morning from roughly 8-10am. Families are welcome to join. 



Our community puts students first and believes they deserve safe, equitable, and sustainable schools. United, we can create the change our students and teachers need. Please click on the link below for ways you can stand with Llewellyn teachers (along with all PAT members) in the movement for transformational change.  






*This is a parent-lead event