Llewellyn Foundation Meeting Tonight @ Maeve!! 7pm Social Time, 7:30-9pm Business
Thu, Nov 3 2:03pm

Are you looking to get more involved at Llewellyn? Are you wanting to hear what the Foundation is up to? Do you have an idea to share for a fundraiser to raise money for staff and personnel? 

We are a fun group of active parents, who are trying to make Llewellyn a better place for our kids. Smaller class sizes and better adult-student ratio directly impacts EVERYONES' learning environment for the better. 100% of Foundation monies raised goes into paying for staff at our schools. This impacts ALL students!


There are so many ways to get involved: donating, supporting events like our Wreath sale, Annual Give in December, Star Supporter, Dine-Outs: Holler next on Tues 11/8...just to name a few.


We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers who have ideas and want to get involved. 


If you can't make it tonight, but want to find out more, email: thellewellynfoundation@gmail.com


If you have a business, we are actively looking for a business sponsorship match for our upcoming Annual Give.  Or if you have another idea on how we can promote your business and you can support us, we would love to chat too!