Llewellyn Safety Patrol
Wed, Mar 2 6:15am


As many of you are probably aware, the Llewellyn grounds have been a popular hang out for teenagers on evenings and weekends.  While some of this is innocent fun, there has been an increasing amount of underage drinking, vandalism, graffiti, etc.

While there has been increased security with PPS, we hope that more frequent adult presence will help curb the appeal of this being a place for teens to engage in this behavior.

Please choose a time slot to come walk by the school, hang out and shoot some hoops, drink a cup of tea in the garden......

They are apparently not at all intimidated by the "moms in the neighborhood" but perhaps with a group or some male presence, there will be a greater impact.  

If you see behavior that is illegal or dangerous, you should contact the police.  Feel free to talk to the teens and let them know you are there but please remember that despite what their behavior may be, they are kids.  If you take pictures or videos, share them with Pam Gwynn but do not post them online.  

Let me know if you have questions.  melissalynett@hotmail.com

Thanks for helping to keep our school community safe!