More Stars Opportunities: Painting & Volunteers at BTS Picnic Friday 9/9, 5:30-7:30pm
Thu, Sep 8 5:12pm

We hope to offer painting stars tomorrow night at Llewellyn's Back to School Picnic. There will be no formal activities planned besides this opportunity. If you haven't had the time to paint yet, or after school hasn't worked, this is different chance: TOMORROW Friday, 5:30~7pm.


We also need volunteers  to assist the kids from 5:30~7:15pm. 

We'd also LOVE to get more of the completed stars hung on the fence during this time, so if you'd rather do that, sign up and bring your drill. (I'm looking at our power-tool-hungry guys and gals!)

You don't need to commit to the whole time period, just note timing on the sign up below.


If you are on the fence (pun intended ;)), just stop by if you can without making it official. The more the merrier. 


The fence is starting to look really awesome with CURRENT and REFRESHED stars. Thank you to all of the community for starting off this school year bright!