PTA updates
Mon, May 3 6:38pm


A note of gratitude from the PTA Board.


Our fundraising efforts were a huge success thanks to the very generous donations of so many Llewellyn families.  We were able to raise over $7000, which will put us in a very good position as we start school next year.  This will help us continue to be able to offer a robust art program, offer monetary support to teachers and staff and hopefully be able to do some in person programming and field trips next year.  If you missed the opportunity, you can still make PTA donations by following this link.


Earth Day


If you have not yet had the chance to check out the school garden, stop by soon.  It looks absolutely beautiful and with all this spring sun, the vegetables are taking off.  There will be continued improvements as we pain the shed and tables and repair the fence.  A big thanks to Renee Wilkinson and all those who came out to make this space look so great.


We were also able to college 163 pounds of old batteries to be brought in for proper disposal and recycling.  Thanks to all who contributed.