Pumpkin Carving Contest
Wed, Oct 31 8:15am-10:00am
Llewellyn Elementary School
1 day before

It's that time of year! Students will be bringing in Spooktacular Jack-o-Lanterns on Wednesday, October 31st (and taking them home the same day) and we'd love a few volunteers who can help us give each and every entry an award. 

It's a fun task and goes quickly if there are 5-6 volunteers who can help. 

Please sign-up below and join us at 8:15am near the office.


Pumpkin Awards Signed Up: 5 / 5

Wed, Oct 31 8:15am-10:00am
"Frankenstein's Favorite" or "Most Colorful"? Help us award each Jack-o-lantern with a prize!