Readathon FAQs
Fri, Jan 26 7:48am

The Readathon is off to a great start! We've had some questions about logging minutes - if you have questions too, keep reading. 


What counts?


Both in school and at home minutes count toward your child's reading minutes. Some teachers have handed out reading logs for the classroom to keep track of in-school minutes. These can be logged when your child gets home.


You can keep track of minutes read  at home in whatever way makes the most sense for you. 


To log minutes:


After registering your student, click on "Enter Readers." You should see your child's name there. On the far right there is an icon of a book in the column labeled "Reading Log." Click on the icon of the book. You can enter your minutes from there. By clicking on "date," you can add minutes for past dates. 


Minutes before January 24


Only minutes read beginning January 24 count toward our Readathon. Minutes entered prior to January 24 have been removed. 


Prizes for reading

The student with the most minutes from each grade and CB classroom will win a $50 Wallace Books gift card. 


The three classes with the most minutes read will win an ice cream sundae party. 


If the school as a whole gets 100,000 minutes, students will get to enjoy school-wide perks. 


Additional prizes will be awarded based on invites sent and money raised. See the site for more details on prizes. 



Happy reading!