SIGN UP - Teacher Appreciation Week
Mon, May 8 - Fri, May 12
Llewellyn Elementary School
1 day before

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week!May 8-12 

We are so thankful for the work and dedication our Llewellyn teachers/staff pour into our kids and would like to make the week extra special for them. Would you help us?  Here's what we are thinking:


Sign Up HERE to help provide meals in the Staff Lounge


MONDAY 5/8: Flowers for the teacher and join us for a “round of applause” for the teachers at 8 a.m.!  Send your child to school with a flower or plant Monday morning. It can be a handmade flower, a single flower picked from your garden, or a store bought flower/plant/herb. Then stick around at drop-off on Monday morning and cheer for teachers as they come out at 8 a.m. Also, sign up to bring treats to the staff room here!


TUESDAY 5/9: Take Something Off Your Teacher’s Plate Day!  Collaborate with your teacher and class leads on some ideas: sharpen pencils, dust or deep clean the classroom, restock supplies, read 1:1 with kids, assist with math groups, correct papers, organize bookshelves, lead an art lesson while they grade papers in the back, cut or prep materials for an upcoming project, etc.


WEDNESDAY 5/10: “Love on our Special Teachers/Staff Day!” Today we hope to recognize all the special people beyond the classroom walls who make Llewellyn happen! This includes: Office staff, Custodians, Cafeteria employees, Learning Center, Speech, PE, Music, Movement, Counselors, Librarians, etc….Bring a card, flower, or gift! Or sign up to bring something to the staff room that day through this link!


THURSDAY 5/6: Bring your teacher a snack day! Check this PTA link for your teacher’s favorite snacks!


FRIDAY 5/7: Thank You Letters and Cards for teachers and staff!  Have your child make Thank You cards and bring them Friday morning. Don’t forget your other favorite Llewellyn people! Here are some fun printables:  Printable #1 Printable #2