Saturday 5/7 Plant Sale: Shop, Help, Preorder Pick-Up
Wed, May 4 7:48am

Hello Plant Lovers! Plants are arriving this Saturday 5/7 at Llewellyn and the pick-up window is from 3-6pm. If you preordered, we will have your plants organized by last name. Check-in with a helper when you arrive and we'll bring your order out to you.


Forgot to preorder? We bought extras! Bring cash or check to pick up hanging baskets for Mother's Day, perennial flowers, veggie starts and more. Limited amounts will be on hand, so show up promptly to help us sell out quick!


We could use helpers to make the day run smoothly. Connect with to lend a hand. Volunteers are needed between 12n-6p, either the whole time or just a chunk of that time.


Thanks to our school community, we raised $1,700 for the school garden. Woohoo!!!