Sellwood 5K Final Report: Raffle Winner & T-Shirts
Fri, Jun 4 8:38am

Thank you to everyone at Llewellyn and wide that came out last week to participate in the Sellwood 5K Community Run for Schools! Together we raised over $4,000 EACH for all of the participating schools (Llewellyn, Duniway, Lewis, Sellwood)!


The final raffle for the Sellwood Cycle Gift Card of $500 went to a student from Duniway: Elliot Payne. Congrats to Elliot! 


LAST CALL TO CLAIM YOUR PRE-ORDERED T-SHIRT! They are now in the Llewellyn Office. They will be donated next week if you do not pick them up. Check the spreadsheet to verify you ordered or not before you stop by. 


Thank you for your support of the Llewellyn Foundation!

Here's hoping next year we can get back to a more traditional run in support of our school.