Sellwood 5K
Wed, Apr 21 9:50am

Sellwood 5K Run is OPEN for registration. Let's keep the momentum going! Sign up now:

Sellwood 5K Registration

Signs have been posted for the Sellwood 5k around the school and neighborhood with a QR code as well. If you forget to register, hopefully the signs will be a helpful reminder. 


The virtual run is less than 6 weeks away--just enough time to follow the Couch to 5k Training Program with your family. 

Remember, you can run, walk, or roll (Or none of the above--as a virtual event no one is really checking ;). You could just register as a donation)!

Spread the word to families and friends far and wide. Let's support our school and get a little healthier doing it! Anyone anywhere can register and support our schools and Foundation for the next school year.


Paper fliers will be coming home soon, but here is the training and flier in case it doesn't make it all the way to your doors. 

Thanks for the support!