Send a Picture for our Slide Show for Teachers & Staff!
Mon, Dec 14
Llewellyn Elementary School
5 days before, 2 days before

Hello Llewellyn Families!

The PTA would love to send the wonderful teachers and staff of Llewellyn home for winter break with a big thank you slide show! To participate, send in a picture or two of your student, with or without a sign, by Monday, December 14th to Allison Eshel at or 971-295-2882. Feel free to mention teachers/specialists/staff by name, send warm words of thanks or holiday greetings, and/or include your whole family in the picture. Please note your student's grade in a message with the picture(s). Let's give them a big shout-out for all the hard work they have done for our students this year!
Class parents may have additional plans in the works to spoil classroom teachers for winter break...look for emails from them coming soon!
In summary:
What: Send a picture or two to Allison Eshel at or 971-295-2882. 
Why: To THANK our AMAZING teachers & staff and wish them a wonderful winter break
When: Pictures due Monday, December 14th!